Police chiefs face essay

Police work is demanding and stressful, and police chiefs set the tone for the officers, detectives and other staff members in their department. They also serve as liaisons among the department, city officials and the public. To perform all of these duties, police chiefs must have excellent leadership skills.

Police chiefs face essay

She handled cases involving women, juveniles and children. There has been some dispute over who actually was the first female police officer due to the fact that early women in policing had such varied job tasks and did not do street patrol.

They were often viewed as mothers with badges. Some of their early duties involved patrolling dance halls to keep tango dancers at least 10 inches apart and patrolling beaches to stop clandestine activity. By the early s, about 2, women were serving municipal police departments in the United States.

It was not until that the Indianapolis Police Department made history by assigning two female police officers to patrol on an equal status with male counterparts.

It was predicted by researchers in the late s that by the turn of the 21st century, the number of women in law enforcement would reach nearly 50 percent of the workforce.

Those predictions never materialized. The growth of women in policing has progressed slowly and has not shown significant gains during the last Police chiefs face essay years. Inaccording to the Census Bureau, there were 99, female police officers out of approximatelyofficers, which is 11 percent of policing.

Numerous studies have been completed since the s when women were first entering the field of law enforcement. The studies revealed time and time again that women can and do perform all the duties of patrol officers, and also excel in many areas.

The question of physical strength continues to emerge when the issues of female police officers are brought up; however, physical strength has not been shown to predict either general police effectiveness or the ability to be successful in handling dangerous situations.

Nor has physical strength been shown to play a Police chiefs face essay in line-of-duty deaths. Most police fatalities are related to gunfire and automobile accidents. Studies have shown that women in policing are less likely to use excessive and deadly force. They are also less likely than their male coworkers to be involved in fights or acts of aggression on the job.

Female officers rely more on interpersonal skills than physical force. Women are known to deescalate potentially violent situations more often than men. Additional barriers that have been identified are double standards and the issue of balancing family with career.

The primary deterrent to women entering the field of law enforcement remains the icy welcome they receive from some of their male colleagues.

Women face certain psychological pressures not encountered by men. Peer acceptance is one of the greatest pressures operating within police organizations. Entrance exams for police jobs often require tests of physical agility, and some have been considered gender-biased.

Some departments have required the scaling of a 5- or 6-foot solid wall, which requires great upper body strength and may keep many women from passing, no matter how strong or agile they are.

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Certain departments are revising their physical entrance exams, realizing that the 5- or 6-foot solid walls are discriminatory and in need of review. The women who could scale such a wall would be so drained of energy, they would likely find it difficult to complete the rest of the test in the allotted timeframe.

Some changes being made to the agility testing allow for two foot braces providing foot leverage, making it easier to scale the wall, as well as more realistic. Sexual harassment is also a primary area of concern and more prevalent in male-dominated workplaces.

City of Los Angeles. The year veteran suffered retaliation by being stripped of his rank and kicked out of the elite unit Donald Bender v. Legal opinions from federal court cases have indicated that a code of silence often exists in these types of cases.

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Preliminary results showed that subjects who report incidents of sexual harassment may be subjected to a variety of retaliatory behavior designed to deter them from reporting illicit behaviors.

The retaliatory behavior is often in the form of shunning, isolating and ostracizing the victim; failing to provide backup in critical situations; and refusing to communicate or cooperate with the victim on assignments. This type of behavior manifests in preventing or delaying victim reporting and reinforces the code of silence.

This sends a clear message about the treatment the victim should expect to receive if a report is made. An increased number of women can have a definite impact on reducing the climate of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Yet another deterrent for female police is balancing family and work, as well as pregnancy. Women who are considering a career in law enforcement need to know that, should they choose to become a mother, their job will not be in jeopardy. The Federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act requires employers to treat women affected by pregnancy, childbirth or related conditions the same as other persons who are not affected but are similar in their ability or inability to work.

The act is designed to guarantee women the right to participate fully and equally in the workplace while also not denying them the right to have a family.

The most important step a department can take is to have a comprehensive policy regarding pregnancy made available to all female employees. The policy should address the Family Medical Leave Act, a light duty policy, disability insurance and paid leave issues, as well as uniform modifications and firearm qualification adjustments due to potential lead poisoning.

Pregnancy is a part of life for many women; employers who fail to accommodate the combined demands of work and pregnancy threaten to rescind decades of advances for women in the workplace.

Police work remains a male-dominated field; however, many progressive police chiefs would like to hire more women but are finding a shortage of qualified applicants.Police misconduct is a broad term used to describe police corruption and police brutality which include violations of state and federal laws, the violation of an individual’s constitutional rights, the abuse of police authority for personal gain, excessive force, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and wrongful death.

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/ DUSTY RHODES SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION- This scholarship is sponsored by the Ulster Association of Chiefs of Police to honor the memory of lifetime member Dusty Rhodes, a dedicated public servant whose distinguished career as a member of the New York State Police and as Chief of the Saugerties Police is an inspiration to all Ulster County Police Officers, An applicant must .

Women in Law Enforcement Essay There are many stereotypes that women in law enforcement field had to face throughout time. Women troubled with being taken serious as a crime fighter, or if a women would ever be allowed to become a police officer, was a question because women are usually viewed from others as too small, weak and gentle to ever.

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Police chiefs face essay

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