Pro writing aid collocations quiz

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Pro writing aid collocations quiz

If they do not know the same people, they could w rite down what they have decided to buy and where and th en explain their choice to their partner.

In order to answer them successful ly, students need to understand the speakers' overall argument, not specific information.

pro writing aid collocations quiz

After students have read the questions, point this out to them, and warn them against basing their an swe rs on a si ngle word or phrase. For example, the phrase I think this is very worrying in Graham's first utterance may lead students to incorrect alternative C Just because of the si milar phrase feels concerned.

You can encourage students to follow the overall argument by asking them to focus on the links between the ideas in individ ual questions.

For example, question 6 asks about a cause and effect. At the end, play the recording again to check each answer. Then students talk in pairs.

In a multinational class, they can compare advertisements in different countries. Remind them that the answers depend on collocation. Ask them to suggest other collocations for these nouns e. Articles can be a very problematic area, especially for students whose native language may not have them.

If the words hoarding and flyer do not come up in the brainstorming, pre-teach them before students read the text. Teaching tips and ideas The activity of thinking of their favourite advertisements may not be suitable in a multinational class, where students will know different ones.

In this case, you could bring some advertisements into class, give one to each pair of students and ask them to comment on the techniques, the type of consumer targeted and how effective the advert is.

Teaching tips and ideas To extend this topic, ask students to work in groups to design a logo and invent a slogan for a given product. Give them a choice of three e.

Provide each group with an OHT or paper to make a poster so that they can draw the logo that they decide on and present it to the rest of the group. One person from each group shou ld be chosen to talk for approximately one minute as in CAE Paper 5 and then invite questions.

The compulsory question can be on a number of different genres including a letter, report or article but the task will always involve persuasion in some form.

Then they read the second part and underline the relevant phrases. Some of them are collocations which could be recorded in the students' vocabulary notes e. Th e 'Bi g Brother' format has been te levised in ma ny countries and so many students w ill probab ly have hea rd of this.

Then go on to ask the questions in the book about how people are chosen and why.

Why did this block occur?

You cou ld tel l them to double un derline any adjectives for w hich they are not sure of the meaning. Then they can work in pairs to compare whi ch adjectives they knew and explain the meani ngs if necessa ry.

At the end, ask the cl ass wh ich adjective was most com monly chose n for each person. Th e second pai r of sentences high lights the difference between sympathise and empathise.

Aga in th is problem is ofte n compou nded by the existence of a false fri end. Many European languages have a word sim ila r to sympathetic wh ich simply means that you get on well w ith that person.

This shoul d lea d naturally into the discu ssion in task 2 where stud ents select five pe rsona lities. At the en d, groups report their decision to the whole class.

Then go throug h t he answers wi th the whole class, pointing out how the modal mea nings are expressed in different ways such as is compulsory fo r has to. Pa irs then read their advice to each other.

You cou ld allow them to choose just one of these situations if they prefer. For example, the phrase I wasn't made fun of or anything for Speaker three eliminates option F before students hear the correct answer.Prowritingaid Style Checker Test Pro Writing Aid Related; Prowritingaid Style Checker Test Pro Writing Aid Pro Writing Aid Pro Writing Aid Acbecfbbcba Pro Writing Aid Edit Highlight Pro Writing Aid Prowritingaid Summary Pro Writing Aid Prowritingaid Pro Writing Aid Prof Large Pro Writing Aid.

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