Rebuilding brand strategy

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Rebuilding brand strategy

Nissan board votes to oust Carlos Ghosn as chairman New Delhi: In the autumn ofin its rd year in the country, Nestle India Ltd was a house demolished.

Rebuilding brand strategy

Maggi Two-Minute Noodles, a brand it built over three decades in India and loved by hikers, hostellers and housewives alike, had crumbled. That June, the national food safety regulator had banned the sale of Maggi noodles and directed Nestle to withdraw the product.

As the flagship product went up in flames—38, tonnes, literally—Maggi-branded jams, ketchups and beverages too took the heat. Suresh Narayanan, chairman and managing director of Nestle India, was parachuted in from Philippines a year earlier to put out the noodle fire. Click here for enlarge Nestle declined to share details of its three-year plan framed at the Vevey conclaves.

However, according to Narayanan, the company is looking at entering new business segments. The primary topic at Vevey even on the final day of the strategy meet was on how to restore Maggi noodles to its former glory in terms of market share, volume and trust.

The Nestle we are building is for another years: In the three decades since it launched Maggi noodles in India inNestle had a smooth journey. Growth was steady— Maggi noodles earned Given the steady growth, the company even stopped looking at new segments or product categories.

Maggi reached every nook and corner of the country—from remote villages in the plains to mountain ranges 18,ft above sea level, to become the most popular packaged snack in India.

Between 5 June and 1 SeptemberNestle had to recall 38, tonnes of Maggi noodles from millions of retail shelves, destroy them, tackle regulators and other government authorities to establish that Maggi was safe. It was a body blow. Enter new categories, build a balanced portfolio to reduce dependence on a single product, focus on health and nutrition, increase penetration in top towns, beef up advertising, and, most importantly, communicate much more with the consumers directly: Our actions for the next four years would set the tone for the next few decades- Suresh Narayanan Over the coming quarters, Nestle will enter a few of the five new product categories.

Nespresso a coffee machineDolce Gusto a coffee capsule systempet care, healthcare and skincare. In August last year, it entered the cereals market with kids breakfast cereal Nestle Ceregrow.

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Its India portfolio has been crying out for expansion—out of its global bouquet of about 20,odd brands, it sells only a paltry 20 in India. Out of its global bouquet of about 20,odd brands, Nestle sells only a paltry 20 in India.

Work has already started. All this, with an eye on maintaining profitability. Over the coming quarters, Nestle will enter a few of the five new product categories.

With the increasing participation of more women in the workforce, the need of the hour is a marriage between nutrition, health and convenience.

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These are the places where Nestle wants to go deeper, instead of stepping into places where logistics and supply chain are a big challenge.Your marketing strategy should assess and consider your personal brand. If you have a strong brand, you can spend more time building on it.

If you have a strong brand, you can spend more time. Strategy consultant Thabang Motsohi has argued that in business when sales and profits over time progressively decline [read when votes decline in politics], it means among other things, that erosion of the brand has set in and usually the task of rebuilding it can be very challenging and disruptive.

And the problems that caused the decline. If you're rebuilding the brand wholesale, you can still reach out, with detailed information about the changes in your company.

Refine your internal and external communication efforts. This case Mcdonald's in Japan, Rebuilding the Brand focus on McDonald's opened its first store in Japan.

Since then, McDonald's Japan has grown to become the largest food service provider in the country. With around 3, restaurants operating and a 20% market share, the company controls a major chunk of the fast food industry.

General Motors Co Chief Executive Mary Barra's strategy of rebuilding the Cadillac brand has run into twin roadblocks: the carmaker can't persuade enough American sedan buyers to switch from. Whether you want to eradicate a weak brand image, surge up sales, stand out amongst market rivals or launch a new service/product/feature, an effective mobile strategy can help you get it all right!

Following are 5 most important things you must consider while building your mobile strategy in order to succeed in your rebranding campaign.

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