The history of volkswagen essay

It employs more than half a million workers and produces more than 40 thousand vehicles daily Bowler, Its cars are famous for their high quality and reliability, and for millions of people around the world, they are perceived as the gold standard of the meticulous German car making. The company currently owns large subsidiaries including Audi, Skoda, Bugatti, Bentley, Porsche, and several others.

The history of volkswagen essay

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Waste no more time! They brought in Ferdinand Porsche to design the car. He used elements from his type 32 prototype NSU that he designed in Such elements were an air cooled horizontally opposed four cylinder rear mounted engine and torsion bar suspension.

Production was supposed to start at the Kdf-Stadt factory in Septemberbut this turned out to be the same month that world war two was declared and the car was put off.

As the war raged on, the factory was used to produce military vehicles. By the factory had 12, prisoners of war repairing aircraft inside it. Near the end of the war, the factory was used to manufacture the V1 buzz bomb.

For most of the war the factory was not bombed because it was so new it was not on many allied maps. However, several daylight allied attacks finally took it out.

After the war, West Germany help rebuild itself with the Volkswagen. In merely a decade, nearly half the cars on the West German roads were Volkswagens.

This was because of its unusual rounded shape, small size, and historical connections to Nazi Germany. Inout of 6.

The history of volkswagen essay

This figure was partially caused by the lack of foreign service stations. So by the turn of the century, Volkswagen had dealerships scattered across America.

In the spring ofa full page advertisement appeared in The New York Times with a picture of a man drinking coffee while his VW was being serviced. In an American advertising agency began a landmark campaign using phrases such as: While domestic cars grew fins and got larger and larger, the beetle was also improved, but you would not know it by looking at it.

In the beetle had its first major physical change when the famous split rear window was replaced by an oval window which increased view by twenty five percent.

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Examples of SSL/Stronghold, Java, VRML, RealAudio and more. Come here for old and new Linux tools. Volkswagen could now claim the world production record for the most-produced, single make of car in history.

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By , total production was over 16 million. VW expanded its product line in with the introduction of several Type 3 models, which were essentially body style variations based on Type 1 mechanical underpinnings, and again in .

The history and development of one of the most famous car producers Volkswagen: Exploring successes and controversies of the large German company Last updated on January 12th, at pm Volkswagen is the second largest car maker in the world after Toyota. In , the German government sold 60 percent of Volkswagen’s stock to the public, effectively denationalizing it.

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