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Twitter Advertisement At the end ofFacebook boasted a barely-believable 2.

Using facebook

As of the third quarter ofFacebook had 2. In the third quarter ofthe number of active Facebook users had surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. Active users are those which have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days.

Furthermore, as of the previous quarter the social network had 1.


The platform is also the most popular social network worldwide. Facebook Founded inFacebook is currently the biggest social networking service based on global reach and total active users. Launched by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and some of his contemporaries, the service was initially only available to Harvard students but soon expanded to regional universities, the Ivy League and further universities before opening up to high school students and global users aged 13 or over.

Facebook users must register before using the social network and are free to create a personal profile in order to interact with other users which they can add as friends.

Furthermore, Facebook users may join user groups based on workplace, college or school and can also categorize their Facebook contacts into lists.

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Users can post status updates or other content and message each other. Facebook users can also interact with a wide selection of applications including social games or other services like the photo-sharing app Instagram. In SeptemberFacebook announced over one billion active users across all platforms.

The social network is also accessible to mobile web users and has published a series of apps based on original Facebook features such as Facebook Messengerwhich had 1.Social Media Update Facebook usage and engagement is on the rise, while adoption of other platforms holds steady.

By Shannon Greenwood, Andrew Perrin and Maeve Duggan. Over the past decade, Pew Research Center has documented the wide variety of ways in which Americans use social media to seek out information and interact with others.

Learn how to create, use, and maintain a Facebook page, including understanding the social media site's privacy policies and settings.

Using facebook

It may look complicated, but once you get used to Facebook, it's actually very easy to use. Photo courtesy of Facebook Facebook has more than million active users who, on average, share more than 30 billion pieces of content per month.

Reasons for internet users in the United States to not use Facebook as of October Reasons for non-usage of Facebook according to U.S.

internet users Advertising The most important statistics. Use Facebook If You Run a Business or Organization.

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Facebook pages and ads can be invaluable marketing tools. You can use a public page casually to just stay connected with your current customers or you can invest real money into Facebook's advertising platform to generate new leads. Use your authentic name and date of birth on your Facebook account so we can find your profile if you ever lose access to it.

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